A740GX Help



Can anyone explain this - my Panasonic Quintrix 28" TV behaves strangely in conjunction with my new A740GX Recorder. The Lite-On is connected to my TV via a fully wired 21 pin SCART cable and is configured to use RGB. I can then switch the TV to use AV1 as the source and everything works perfectly. However if I switch the TV to TV input (basically the co-ax from the roof aerial), then I can only hear the audio broadcast (the screen goes black) while the Lite-On is in standby. If I either switch the Lite-On out of standby OR disconnect the SCART or unplug the Lite-On then the video signal re-appears.

It is as if there is a standby signal on the SCART at AV1 that inibits the video signal from the roof ! I have no idea why this should be but it is annoying to have to power on the Lite-On in order to watch an analogue TV broadcast through a direct aerial connection to the TV co-ax.

This problem did not occur when I had a Tosh DVD player connected to AV1 (same SCART lead)

Any ideas ?

This is my first post by the way so apologies if I have done something stupid