A740GX - Audio Probs

Hi All, Newbie here

I have a Liteon HDD/DVD Recorder (HD-A740GX), and connected it up following the instructions that came with it. Which is as the following diagram:

NTL - UK Cable Provider

The only inputs i have at the moment is from the NTL box (i don’t have a TV aerial on the house yet, so have to use NTLs cable for all channels) Now watching TV is fine, and it records onto the HDD or DVD’s Fine.

The problem i am having is when i start to play back anything (Orgianl DVD, Back-up DVD, Divx, Recording from HDD) i get no direct sound to the TV, the only way i can get sound is through the Hifi. Well actually i do get sound, but it is the channel thats on the NTL box.

So for example, there is nothing but eastenders on TV, so i flick on the recorder, flick through my recordings and think i’ll watch a bit of OCC, press play on that, the picture flashes up on screen, and looks great, but i can still hear Phil Mitchel yapping on about some dodgy pint. So i have to turn off the cable, and then power up the Hifi and listen to it through that.

I have gone through all the auido options, these are:

Digital Out - PCM or Bit Stream
DTS Out - On or Off
Surround - Stero, DOLBY or DTS
TV Audio - Stereo, Main, SAP(sub) or Mono
MPEG - PCM or Bit Stream

There is also a feature called ‘scart by-pass’ i have tried this and again no improvements.

This is causeing probs with Timeshift as when you get of the phone from the in-laws or what ever you try to start watching the football where you left off. But the sound doesn’t work, you get live sound, and recorded visual, you can’t turn the cable off as it would stop recording, but you can’t watch it, basically makes the feature about as much use as a snooze button on a smoke alarm.

So i’m getting very very pi**ed off with the thing now, anyone got any ideas on what i have done wrong, or what is wrong in my setup.

Cheers in advance


Hi Ritchie,

I don’t have the answer to your question I’m afraid but have one for you - how did you manage to get your LiteOn to detect the NTL channels? I’ve just set mine up and it partially works. The signal definitely comes from the NTL box into the DVD recorder into the TV because I can use the Time Shift function, and whatever channel I choose on the LiteOn goes through to the TV. I can also record whatever I’m watching, and play it back. However, if I go to Settings - Utilities - Start Scan it doesn’t find any. I’m assuming it needs to find all the channels so I can record programs without having to watch that particular channel at the time. Did you manage to get your LiteOn to detect all the NTL channels? If so, how? My NTL box is connected to the LiteOn via a SCART cable by the way.