A64 >> winXPro SP2 + ADSL Modem + Firewall = Problems

Ok … my friend got problem … he have Athlon 3200+ x64 … new OS … he cant instal firewall … zone alarm ver 5+ after instalation … F%%% all OS … new ZoneAlarm 6+ (when he is tring to connect to the internet ) make BSOD … =/

He got x64 Hardware … x32 OS (Win XP Pro SP 2) and modem ADSL … help :frowning:

except zonealarm does he have any other firewall ? that might be it what about the windows firewall?
is the zonealarm version latest? search www.download.com for info bout that

Zone Alarm is teh sukc. But seriously we need a little more information about his system…

ok He’s PC: