A347bus.sys and program crashes

Hoping that the local Alcohol folks can shed some light on this apparent driver issue.

This surfaced when trying to install and use Benq firmware flashers and programs. They all crash in Win2000 SP4, producing the “…has generated an error and has been closed” message. This also happens in Safe Mode. When loading safe mode, I notices I was getting a flag to cancel loading “A347bus.sys”, and when I chose to cancel loading that driver, the crashing problem went away. Reference to this thread discussing my problems

My research has pointed to this being an Alcohol driver, virtual drives I take it. There appears to be a variety of other crashing and BSOD problems related to this driver as well.

So I’m looking for some resolution to this issue that does not involve uninstallin Alcohol or disabling the virtual drives.

All I can say is that I don’t have any problems under Windows XP SP2, and I do own a BenQ drive and I’ve already flashed the firmware once with no problems at all. It must be OS or system specific problem.

Actually, what it is, is an Alcohol-specific problem. A Google search of the forums turned up loads of varying issues in XP and 2K, ranging from BSOD and OS not loading to smaller issues like this. All of them are specific to the latest version of Alcohol and these drivers. If I disable all virtual drives and leave Alcohol installed, the problem is gone.

I was set to blame Benq until I saw how many similar problems have been reported with this driver.

Finger pointing aside, the question is how to get everyone to play nice together so I don’t have to disable all virtual drives to use Benq programs.
The other driver file involved appears to be A347SCSI.sys.

It would be nice if someoune could duplicate the Benq crashes with Win2kSP4 and Alcohol virtual drives running. I’m told that the Benq utilities can also crash with some other types of SCSI-based drivers, like controller cards. So it’s hard to say what’s up, but unless I’m mistaken, the latest version of this driver is the only one that causes it.

So I guess that begs the question of whether a different Alcohol driver could be rigged, or a fix for the current one.

Well, if you’re an Alcohol registered user you’re entitled to receive support. Report the issue to the support team and they will check it out.

I find that the “support” is better here, but will do.

I don’t think that this forum users can provide you a better support than the official support, as the Support Team is in close contact with the Development Team.