A300d toshiba (Toshiba A300-228)

[qanda]This thread is about the Toshiba A300-228. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]when i open up system it says i have 4gb ram,

i run the sys info tool from astra and it says only 3.2gb.

i ran this on vista and win 7 (7100) both say 4gb, i am wondering why that is?

so anyway i rate the system and it says mine is poor! hahaha i think thats crap b/c it runs everything np. if however i can squeeze more juice out of it i would like to know what i can do for little money.??

my cpu is the zm-80 i choose this b/c it had L2-cache of 2mb and most others have only 1mb. i read that the l2 cache is the bottle neck for speed and effiecicy.

anyway i would think with 2mb l2 cache the rating would be up there but its not… not that it matters b/c performance is not an issue atm. but was just wondering about it??

cheers, TH!