A1H and Dual Layer MEdia

I have the drive since sometime, but only tried to burn DL yesterday, where my drive didn’t recognize the blank media at all, i tried different media but it still can not. I am running LL0C, can someone help plz?


Which DL?

Verbatim DL only!!!

Why is that??? Is this something worng in the Liteon?
I tried the same DL disc (which is not working with my 20A1H, and is not Verbatim) in another DVD writer in a toshiba laptop, and is working flawlessly!!!

Any idea what is happening? is the lity very sensitive to DL discs?


Can you post the MID of that media?
As chef said the only good DL media is Verbatim.
However, in my opinion the best DL burner is Pioneer. :slight_smile: