A120 to back up Madden NFL 06?



I got Madden NFL 06 for PC about a month ago. Since then, the cd started to have little scratches on the bottem. I wanted to make a back up copy but was unable to (get a copy on another cd for my first try, use image on second).

CD back up isnt recognized… and I felt it was more complicated.

Im trying to run the image from my laptop now. I imaged all 3 disk using alcohol120% and installed—then mounted from Daemon Tools 4.0 basicly.

everything works out find until i try to get into the game. I keep getting this mainapp.exe error from windows.

I searched some sites about how to back it up correctly using the image method (as i have now, or i feel i have, grasp this better) but i could not find a solution to this problem. some got it to work, others said it might need safedisc4hider and yet nothing works yet…

What am I doing wrong in this process that gives such an error?