A120 incorrectly detecting dvd+r 16x disc speed?

hi, newly registered. long time forum visitor.

my problem is this:
i have a sony dvd±rw dru800a (ky06 firmware). tdk 16x (cmc mag m01, i know now, not the best :o ) sl dvd+r’s that i bought on amazon. i know the labels aren’t always reliable, but i know they’re 16x since nero cd-dvd speed says so (v4.11). (i’m on winxp sp2)

a120 reads the max disc burning speed as 6.4x! and it won’t burn any faster. but as i said, they’re 16x discs. i have omnipatcher 2.4.4 plus the appropriate firmware files to use with it. maybe there is something i can do with omnipatcher to fix this issue? anyone have any ideas? thanks.

Could you please send a complete system report to the alcohol support team at support_team@alcohol-soft.com and reference this thread.