A115 FW for LG4120

Can be downloaded here

It’s for a rebadged LG4120, but comes from Buffalo
As usual the changelog talks about improvement in reading/writing


What is it suppose to improve, anybody knows?

My japanese is not as it used to be :slight_smile:

… more specifically, I ment.

Thanks a lot for your information. I’m a little surprised actually at this abrupt 1.15 firmware since LG and Hitachi must have been concentrating on drives from GSA-4163B on.

Also updated here.


And what happenned to A113 and A114? Other OEMs?

Anyone tried the new firmware?

If so, post here your experiences…

I am doing so at the moment.

I have transferred some .wav and.mp3 files to dvd - which went fine (checked with Transfer rate, scan disc and file check).

Creating a Data Disc as I type.

I updated the firmware yesterday, and this is what happened, first of all, after upgrading the computer wouldn’t reboot. Then (after a brute force reboot), I used the drive to copy a CD, everything went fine, after that I used it to create an image with DVD Decrypter, in the midle of the operation the computer just went down, I started it again, created the image again and burnt it this time without any problems.

I’m gonna do a bit more testing, everything seems to be ok and hopefully the fact that the computer went down for no apparent reason was caused only by the brute force reboot (if it happens again I’ll reverse the firmware do A111).

Finally I wanna do the ultimate test, I have one last princo dvd and I think I’ll use to see if the damn “focus or tracking error” still persists :slight_smile:

Was there a disc in the drive when you flashed the firmware? This can be a no-no.


Is your system stable?


no, there was no disc in the drive, the upgrade went ok, it all worked like it was supposed to, I clicked thh reboot button, but then some application was preventing the computer to reboot, I tried to launch the task manager and nothing was happening, so after some time I rebooted “manually”. The thing is that for some reason winXp didn’t performe any disc scan like it usually does, that might explain the problem.

yes, my system is (or was) pretty stable, I really think this was an isolated event. Like I said, the upgrade went like it was supposed to, the drive seems to be working fine and Nero Infotool recognises the new firmware. But nothing like testing it some more to be more sure.

Is it possible to flash an older firmware back? On this page there is a red warning saying that it is not possible. But I have used a translator, so I might get it wrong. Thanks.


I flashed back to A111 from A112, before flashing to A115.

The warning says that it is not possible if you have flashed the A115 firmware in. Can you confirm that an older flash program recognize your drive?

So Rambaud, are you happy with the new firmware, any problem with it?

Both the A111 and A112 flashers recognised my NEC 3500, although I have actually tried flashing back to either of thes previous firmwares.

Fine…so far. But I have only burned a few discs.

Thanks. I guess I will postpone the update until there is a way how to downgrade from A115, as I am pretty happy with the A111.

From the page.

ファームウェアバージョン A115 へのアップデートの内容



I guess it is advisable to flash to A115.

Isn’t there some confusion here? NEC 3500?!

I haven’t gone back to A111 because for now I see no reason, but are you saying that clicking “update” wouldn’t work? why not? :slight_smile: