A110 still no 8x on Ritek G05

I’ve updated to A110 and I can’t beleive it still no 8x support on Ritek G05 (NEC 2510 burns them great).

I do like these drives (for DVD-RAM) but LG’s service is so bad I will not buy another, I have sent 15 emails and never had one sensible reply. Nobody there seems to know anything!

There are some people who do know something at LG but usually the customer support people in big companies like LG and HP are not there because of their technical knowledge and experiences about DVD writers. They are there usually because of their own low cost. I doubt LG will pay me nicely if I wanted to work at an LG service center. Why should knowledgeable people do such a thing at all? I mean replying to user questions via email is not a very creative work. Usually very boring and annoying.

Is there any company that always replies sensibly for DVD writer firmware updates about specific media compatibility regarding speeds and quality? I don’t know of any. If there were, I would have sent at least thousands of emails instead of trying to find the answer on my own.

If you didn’t know, LG has always been reluctant to give the highest speeds for Ritek CD and DVD media. It has been the same for Ritek 52x CD-R media. Lite-On was often the fastest among the top three. Even now, Lite-On 1213S@1633S is the fastest DVD writer among the consumer products from the top five or top six makers even without firmware modification.

im usin a104 firmware with ritek Go5 and wont write at 8x best i can get is 4x is there a fix for this guys ive tried dvd decryptor/nero/recordnow all with no luck any help appreciated :slight_smile:


This is not a software issue. If the drive won’t do it, no software will.

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Kenshin, although I agree with you that technically capable people are rarely found in service departments, the people at LG are worse than no help at all. They consistly suggest to me that the reason for no 8x on G05 is that my software does not support it. Yet in the same email I have said the software must support it because I can write other discs at 8x. It doesn’t take Mr Holmes himself to reason that the problem is obviously not software.

You say LG has always been reluctant to support high speeds on Ritek media. Why is this? You are in fact trying the blame the media. I borrowed a 2510 from friend and it produced a stunning burn on G05 - the LG does not even apply a proper write strategy as at 4x the PI’s are continous at around 1000, the nec with the same batch of discs the PI was in the region of 10-20.

LG needs to get of their lazy ass and start supporting one of the most popular media codes around.

And some service departments do do a good job. When I first bought my XJ-HD165H, the was a problem in the firmware CH11 which would cause it to report a CD-R as DVD+RW. I emailed lite-on and although there was no response for around 2 weeks I did get sent a new firmware CH12 a long time before it was released to the public. It fixed my problems and I was very happy.

The guys at LG service I think don’t actually understand what a firmware file is.

I will buy another make in future I am fed up with waiting. It’s a shame I like RAM but because of this I will put up without it.

Shane, like me you will be waiting for a new firmware, maybe you should try your luck with LG service?

Still no 8x on GO5 with A111!

POW216, I still have about 10 G05’s left and I was wondering if you tried to burn with them at any speed. When I used them they burned but with many errors and were unplayable in my stand alone DVD player. They burned at 4x

There are very crappy G05 out there, especially recent offerings. To cut cost down the Mfg obviously used less and cheaper dye. If your burner refuses to do full speed writing it is a sign of quality.

ive triede 3 kinds of 8x dvd-r retik go5/mr datas / and some biw.w brand … and only the big w brand worked at 8x so i dont think its the lg burner problem as stated above could be media problem but hell ritekgo5 are the only ones that come in plenty supply and good price range :frowning:

You have to decide: use quality media or wait a little longer.

Hey, just to let you guys know, i bought a pack of Ridata branded ritekg04 just to give them a try on my 4040b. Already i found their quality control BLOWS. :frowning:
2 DVDs had SMUDGED dye on them. I had to throw them in the garbidge. Now i gotta check the remining of them everytime i wanna burn one. This is just sad. Ritek, NEVER AGAIN !

I’ll stick with Verbatim for now.


BTW: Just returned a lot of Verbatim +R 8x made in Taiwan because of bad quality. Seems that quality drop equals price drop!

No I didn’t try them at 4x, like you I tried them before at 4x on A104 and they had a gross amount of errors. The fact that 8x was still missing made me think there was no proper right strategy in the firmware.

You are wrong dude! I took one of these discs and burnt it in a NEC 2510 (I think firmware was 216) Result = the best k-probe i have seen so far.

Conclusion: [my batch at least] are good quality. The problem is with the LG burner.

There may be crappy G05 out there BUT if the burner will not write to the disc at full speed (before it has even tried) then how is this a “sign of quality” if the burner started at full speed then slowed down you may be right. How the hell can the burner know the quality of the disc before the laser has been turned on?

Here is Ritek G05 (Ri-disc) written at 6x in a NEC 3500 and read back in lite on 165 DVD-ROM.

Now who was saying this is bad media?

The blue PI’s are over 1000 when written in my LG 4120 at 4x.

Is this proof enough that LG does not have a write strategy for this media?

my 4160B A301 also supports 4x only for Ritek G05 :confused: . frankly this media is not bad at all.

No, it’s proof that you shouldn’t be testing burns with a DVD-ROM drive! :stuck_out_tongue:


OK you tell me why these discs work ok in an NEC drive and not in a LG drive? These discs are actually decent media.

What’s wrong with testing with a DVD-ROM, seriously?