A103 and 4163 - bad burns

Before upgrading from A102 I had no problems but since the upgrade I have had 3 coasters out of 8 burns on Ritek Printable (G05) 8X DVD-R’s.

This evening I also tried my first CD-R since the upgrade and that too failed. This is one of a spindle of 100 BenQ 48X CD-R’s and is the first to fail after many successful burns on A102.

The errors occur during the verify phase in Nero (I am using the latest release) and the message is “read error at sector xxxx”.

I just flashed back to A102 and had a successful CD-R burn.

Well, I would have tried another brand to see if it was the disc quality before I would have flashed the drive backwards.

But to each his own.

I have similar problem. In my LG, both A102 and A103 failed to burn Ritek G05. I brought it from meritline. Mine has Top Ridata branded on top surface.
My 4163 burn 8x on GQ media (tyg02) just fine.

I have pretty much settled on using quality media, mostly Fujifilm Yuden T02 + R 8X ( which burns at 12X) for my DVD writing.

I bought my 4163B drive to mostly burn DVDs.

CDs are burning ok for me.