A102 released for LG GSA 4163B

here is the download and news: http://www.cdrinfo.com/forum/tm.asp?m=96305 :iagree:

Holy mother of pearl!!!

Thank you :bow:

mhh. when i had download the file and extract it it don’t work :confused:

now it work with the new winrar version :bow:

the File GSA4163A102.exe is OK

but i’am looking for Changelog

thx for info.

Flashed & extracted, the speed are still the same. Philips C16 still stucked at 4x…

Hitachi truly hates Philips. :bigsmile:

Thanks. It looks like the official version just not yet released to the public.



The tables are getting too big. I’ll probably have to divide them to at least a few pages somehow, or introduce a layout like used in dhc014’s firmware page.

Hope it is fixing bugs.

What bugs?

Aren’t there any?
You are the guru.

Is that an official version?
How can you trust if it’s not?

If no bug is known, no fix to bug. It doesn’t mean any firmware could be perfect. The more complicted, the more likely to contain more bugs.

The only source I can think of is LG so its official as far as I can imagine.

I always listen, so I have install it.

BTW, I can’t install A102 firmware myself though I was one of the very first who tested A101 firmware outside HLDS. My GSA-5163D refuses to accept it as well. I don’t see why they had to make firmware for internal and external models to be mutually incompatible.

Well it does see my Arita’s 8x as 8x on nero cd/dvd speed.
It starts as 6x and ends at 8.02 with an average speed of 7.90.
Previously was starting at 6x and ending at… 6x!

Well first A102 test was not to good. I burned a film off tv to a yuden000-T02 nero and set it for 12x the burn never went past 6x. total burn time was 9:25

media fujifilm brand MID=Yuden000-T02

Why the test is indicating a BENQ drive?


Because LG cant do its own pi/pif scans so I have to scan with the BenQ.

Sorry Ken, I am learning :o