A102 Firmware DMA Setting

I updated my GSA-4120B to the official A102 firmwar and found that ripping speeds dropped considerably. When checking Ultra DMA setting found that it had been reset to PIO mode and would not allow DMA as a default . I changed back to NOAD and found that DMA could be set. Why is this please?
Is there any benefits to using the A102 firmware over NOAD, apart from bitsetting that NOAD offers?

CDRLabs review used A102 firmware.


A102 works fine on my system with Ultra DMA ernabled, on a VIA KT333 chipset based onboard controller. If nothing helps, delete the whole branch from the device manager, windows will re-detect it when you reboot, and normally you can then set UDMA again once Windows “forgot” it :slight_smile:



Thanks for the info guys, now ripping at full speed with A102 firmware

Rather than create a new thread I’ll use this one as it’s similar to the question I want to ask, which is… Where about in Windoze XP do you go to check the DMA setting for my LG4120. I was sure it was in device manager/properties but there seems to be nothing listed, only the driver being used. BTW I’ve downloaded/updated to the NOAD firmware so thanks to Kenshin for the info on the other thread…


DMA settings. Let me answer that one for you here.

Hope it helps

Wow thanks Womble for that quick reply but…

when I go to the device manager and click on the drive, I don’t get a ‘Settings’ tab. The ones that come up are ‘General’, ‘Properties’, ‘DVD Region’, ‘Volumes’ and lastly ‘Driver’.

Under each of these tabs there is no DMA setting anywhere…

I’m using Windoze XP Pro…

Rob, in device manager you have to go into ide ata/atapi controllers, then primary or secondary ide channel, then advanced settings.

Hope it helps.

You are looking on the CDRW drives in device manager. You need to look in the IDE Controllers. Have alook at the pictures again. You will soon see where you have gone wrong.

Thanks for the help Antares008. I’ve tried what you’ve suggested but still no joy. There is no ‘Advanced Settings’ tab anywhere… I’ve clicked on everything, right clicked everything, but diddly squat about DMA… Nice one Windoze is all I can say.

I guess I’ll just have to take it that the DMA is set to on.

Edit: Just seen your post Womble… haven’t a clue about that IAA but I’ll have a quick look.

I just edited my post beacause I saw you were looking at the CDRW drives and not the IDE controllers.

In the Device manager again if you can see General, Driver, Details, Resources then it suggests that Intel Application Accelerator is installed. Where the Driver tab is it should say Advanced Settings.

Right I think Womble has got it. According to the IAA (under Start/All Programs…) when I fire it up it lists the drive as having ‘Ultra DMA mode enabled’ and ‘Default/Current Transfer mode as DMA-2’ so I’m assuming everything is okay. I also like the way it shows the installed firmware as ‘NOAD’ and the drive’s serial number…

Thanks guys for your valued input.


So long as it says DMA-(something) is enabled then you are good to go.