A09 Fekked ALL my ROMS

Ever since i get this piece of shit and installed it into my system…none of my drives (A06,A07) will burn discs that read in my player anymore ?? These were great performers before, Why has pioneer done this and how can i get the drives going as they were before…i have uninstalled RNM and removed the pioneer A09 and have the other drives as masters on ide as my 2 hdd are serial…i think they have fekked my drives up


Sigh. There is nothing wrong with the 109 from my end. You pop pretty much any media in, you use the VERY latest Nero + firmware and it all works like magic.

Granted, 16x media support has some problems to iron out - other than this, the drive is FINE.


Maybe he inserted someone else DVD in his machine, and the ring is at work!

Evil Ring


could be a power issue. do you have all these drives plugged in at once? how many watts do they use, and how much is available from the power supply?

i never thought of that stuff before, but it can make a difference (if you occasionally get hardware that doesn’t start at boot, this is probably your problem - like my CD burner occasionally doesn’t start, or one of the encoder-cards at work doesn’t work after a while, etc).

try unplug a few things you don’t immediately need and try again. if that solves the problem, then either drop a new power supply into your computer that can handle the load, or simply unplug a few peripherals (USB can be a massive drain, so an external powered hub could be useful to you - it certainly helped me).

i could be completely off the mark though. maybe the Ring explanation is a better one :slight_smile: (i’ve gotta see it one of these days, but Ju-On was pretty boring, so i’m in no hurry).

no no no…i must have posted in 499 forums about this…enough with the ring jokes now huh ?? :wink:

I have a 550watt psu…64bit system…i removed the a09 and have not put it back in…i have reformatted my drive and both my a06/7 are doing the same as the a09 was…not playing in my dvd player…im using the same pack of discs riteks ritek(g05) that worked perfectly well on burning 2 at once etc…whats explanation for that then ??

the only explanation i can come up with is that the c*nting a09 has done something to my drives…i have reformatted and doing exactly what i was doing pre a09 and they still are doing it ?

PS…quite possible the latest firmwares for the a06 and a07 are of the same ilk as a09 shit…if so can someone tell me what firmware version hasnt been made to act like the a09 ???

I doubt the A09 did anything to your machine, I feel it is more likely that you damaged something accidently when you took the lid off your machine and placed your hands inside when installing the A09.

How can a DVD drive that has no drivers and installs no software cause another piece of hardware that uses no drivers and needs no software to stuff up? that’s like saying the new steering wheel that I fitted to my car made my wheels fall off. Did you upgrade the firmware on the a06 and a07 at the same time you put in the a09? If so this may be the cause (hardly the a09’s fault).

ps: why do you need an a06, a07 and a09 in the same machine? what happened to the a08 (argueably the best drive made)