A09 constant speed drop, what is going on

hello i have A09XL updated to 1.17

i idid few “create data disc” in Nero CD-DVD Speed and every time i get drops in speed. what is causing this?!

here is one

that was Verbatin 16xdvd+r MCC004

and second

and this is ritek R03 8x dvd+r

drive is running in DMA mode 4

pri master = 100gb maxtor
pri slave = nothing
sec master = pioneer a09
sec slave = lite-on 832
sata1 = 120gb maxtor
sata2 = 120gb maxtor
sata3-4 = nada

i tried disconnecting lite-on and still get same graphs, also tried the drive in diffrent pc, same results.

it gets me worried a bit, especially when i saw cdrinfo.com review and they get nice smooth lines.

This is absolutely normal. The Pioneer DVR-109 uses a new Walking-OPC system that periodically reclibrates the writing laser in order to improve burn quality. Other drives including the Philips/BenQ drives and the NEC ND-35x0A series drives also use similar systems.


Did you see this in writing or are you assuming they implemented this Walking OPC ? Either way I agree it does look the same thanks for pointing it out! You solved the last concern I had with this drive! :smiley:

and this DVD-R!

and i know it shouldn’t look like this

WTF is going on

according to everything i saw so far this is how dvd-r supposed to look

It’s the OPC/W-OPC like p00r said.

Maybe you would update to 1.40 and try again?

i know about OPC

DVD+R looks fine

but CDrinfo review showing DVD-R burns are allot diffrent with fever drops.

while on mine dvd-r and dvd+r looks the same.

plus i can’t check 1.40 yet, its for 109 only right now, and i have A09

It is normal. This is what it looks like. There is no problem. You will find the same in 1.40. It is simply how Pioneer is implementing OPC. It may be aggressive but the burns are excellent. If you are unhappy with it maybe you should consider a different drive.

please explain to me why my friends A09 burns like this

while my drive has all those drops

same drive A09 with 1.17 same media

note: my benq DW1620 (with WOPC off) makes perfect smooth lines, so its not a computer problem

That’s a read rate graph, not a create data disk graph. The read curve will be much smoother.

aha, first of all both graphs are Write Rate

just look what it says in Disc Type, how are you gonna read bland DVD

O.K. I’ll try to explain. When you run a transfer test on a blank (CD or DVD) the test measures the write speed and graph’s it but does not actually write any data to the disc. Think of it as a simulation. The resulting graph looks better than it would if you did a create data disc test, as it is only a simulation. OPC is not really seeing a real write, if it is even checking at all. For more info see the CD/DVD help file.