A09 can only burn cd-r at 32x

My A09 can only burn cd-r at 32x
Can anyone tell me why this is as its bugging me, i have 52x certified cd-rs and it will only let me go to 32x not the 40x it claims to do. :frowning:


not all cd-rs will burn at 40x

my verbatims will burn at 40x

tdk won’t

Is the 32X Z-CLV “bug” still in firmware v1.40? Seems if you use good name brand 40X or better CD-R’s, it should work at 40X.

good name brand 40X or better CD-R’s


i had the same trouble with imation brand cd-r’s where they would only burn at 32X but i just flashed to the new 1.40 firmware and now they are burning at 40X. try it

I am using Gigatain 52x certified cd-rs and am running firmware 1.40, not got any others to try, ill suffer it till these run out.

Tried TDK 52x as well and same result, 32x only

my verbatim Vinyl CD-Rs burn at 40x

wow burning cd-r at 40x.

i have a 109 flashed to A09 1.40. i am using TDK cd-r and can only burn at 24x. when i tried to burn at 32x, i get an error. well, not complaining at 24x. 24x is not too bad. but would be nice to do 40x.