A08XL - V1.18 Version 2 - New, Dec 30, 2004?



1.18 Version 2 for A08XL ??

  • when was this released, Dec 30, 2004?

DVR-A08XL - (Models A, B, & C)

[ DVRA08XLx_FW118_v2.exe ] - VERSION 2

  • WIN Version 1.18 prevents haloing during burns and supports 16X writing on 16X
    DVD-R media from BeALL / CMC / Mitsubishi Chemical (Verbatim) / Prodisc / TDK
    and 12X writing on 16X DVD-R media from Fuji Film / Maxell / SONY / Taiyo-Yuden

  • Supports 16X writing on 16X +R media from CMC / Prodisc / TDK & 12X writing on
    16X +R media from Maxell / Mitsubishi Chemical (Verbatim) / Philips / RITEK
    / SONY / Taiyo-Yuden(That’s)

  • Supports 8X writing on 8X DVD-R media from AMC / LEADDATA / LGE / NANYA /
    Optodisc / Prodisc



From the Pioneer Oz site:
Update Information
For Models DVR-A08LA, DVR-A08XLB
If you have previously downloaded this firmware version and experienced a problem updating your drive please download again as this newer version released Dec 10th resolved the update problem.
However if you have already successfully installed firmware (Version 1.18, dated 8th December) without problem, it is not necessary to update your drive again.


Cool! - v2 released Dec 10th, 2004, eh?

This is the interesting bit, which implies the difference between v1 and v2 of 1.18:

“…- WIN Version 1.18 (Version 2) prevents haloing during burns and supports 16X writing…”

“…- WIN Version 1.18 supports 16X writing…”



…So the big question is… “What Is Haloing?” I can’t find that info anywhere on the net that makes sense. (Google shows haloing as fuzzy areas in film, but that can’t be the same as this issue?) :confused:


Creating rings on the disc I presume!


A08XL v1.18 FW - v1 and v2 - differences

  • Binary compare is different, in 3 locations, as well as dates/time, for the UPGDVD flashers
    UPGDVD.exe - Thursday, Dec 02, 2004 06:10:21 AM
    UPGDVD.exe - Thursday, Dec 09, 2004 02:47:14 AM

  • Appears to be NO difference between either R8143108.118 FW files.
    Compare tool used: AJC DiffFile v1.41

Odd that just a flasher exe would make such a difference…
or maybe its just “Market-BS-Tech…”


Haloing: reflective differences, when viewed at proper angles? - (rings caused when drive speedshifts/zones when burning?)

Seems not to cause any operational issues that I’m aware of…
Its typical on my LiteOn 812/832, on some x4 media at x8 burns, when it switches from x4 burning to x8 burn mode…

I can see the same effect on my A08XL, but it’s not as easy to see,
compared to LiteOn burns… only on some media types, though, ie, Ricoh R01


UPDATE: Just saw 1.19 at

“Firmware Update versoin 1.19 adds 8X writing support for 8X media from InfoMedia, Kingdisc, and NSD.”



1.18 v1 and v2 are identical, only the flasher differs.

1.19… nice.