A08XL gets stuck in multi-word DMA mode 2

I have had some issues getting my DVR-A08XL drive running very well. I have my A08XL as the master on the secondary IDE and a Lite-On LTR-40125S (CD-RW) installed as the slave on the secondary IDE controller. If I go to the control panel and check out the secondary IDE channel properties, device 0 which is the A08 keeps getting stuck in multi-word DMA mode 2 and device 1 is in ultra DMA mode 2. Sometimes restarting my computer seems to push my A08 back into ultra DMA mode 4. The HD on my computer is the only device on the primary IDE controller and it is listed as ultra DMA mode 5. I purchased a new 80wire cable for the secondary controller so that shouldn’t be an issue. My motherboard drivers are up-to-date, however I don’t have the lastest BIOS drivers, but I wasn’t sure new bios drivers would help since it seems like WinXP take care of the DMA assignments. I have installed SP2.

Any ideas here?

Andrew V. Romero

So after yet another experiment, I tried un-installing the CD-RW drive, the A08 drive, and then the secondary IDE controller from device manager. I then restarted, and once all the hardware was found again, I examined the secondary IDE controller and the A08 drive was listed as ultra DMA mode 4 and the CD-RW drive was listed as ultra DMA mode 2. I did not attempt to use or access any of the drives at this point. I turned off the computer for a while, then turned it back on and now it has reverted back to the a08 being multi-word dma mode 2 and the CD-RW drive is ultra DMA mode 2. Anyone have any ideas as to what is going on here?

I have wondered if attempting to manually change things in the bios would make any difference, however there are a few items that I am not sure how to set. It is currently set to type auto, however I can manually change this to CD drive. Then I have some config options that I need to manually set such as the LBA mode control (in auto it is enabled, is this correct?), multi-sector transfers (auto is disabled, should I change?), PIO mode is set to mode 4 and ultra DMA is set to mode 4. The detected cable is 80 conductor. Anything that looks wrong to anyone?

Andrew V. Romero