A08xl burnner getting i/0 error while burning after upgrading to 1.18 firmware

is it possible to revert back to 1.14 official or hacked? if so please point me to the right direction on where to find the tools to do so… thanx in advance :rolleyes:

i had the same pioneer drive and have upgraded to 1.18 firmware recently with no problem (successful burned 50 dvd-r now).
1 x pioneer a08xl @ master (ide)
1 x pioneer a08xl @ slave (ide)
1 x pioneer a07xl @ usb 2.0 enclosure
Abit ic7-max3
Current dvd media:
Prodisc 4X (MCC02RG20) printable
Nero ultra
xp pro sp2


Use DVRFlash - there is no other way.

Have you rebooted before starting new burns?

yes, iv rebooted after the i/o errors, and it seems to work after that for the next4-6 burns then i get the error again, this was not happening before i updated from 1.14 to 1.18

What kind of burning sw do you use? ASPI or SPTI?
I’ve never had any problems using DVD Decrypter with the default SPTI (WinXP) interface. Got the only error when forgot to reboot after flashing a new FW.
I’ve alsa heard of cases when a misconfigured file manager (for example Total Commander with wrong settings) or another burning sw (running in the background) caused I/O errors with the burner.

well i use dvd decrypter to burn my iso files and so far already got 3 i/o errors i get one every like 6 burns.

i im using windows xp pro service pack 2 not sure if im using ASPI OR SPTi, whatever im using it is the default… also i got 1 gig of ram and 2 gigs of virtual ram appplyed over 3 hdds (1 of them has 2 partitions on it so each "drive has 500 mb set to it) .

enyway i reverted back to 1.14 hacked ripp speed hack version only, and it still gave me an error after trying to burn with the new nero or whatever it is (after a reboot the second try was successfull) and also my dvd decrypter program is the current build so it cant be that.

only thing i can think of is the media im using the riddata branded riteks 8x g05 the frosted ones labled with the arrow on them…

just got a brand new 100 spindle the other day and hadent had any problem with them till middle way thru , the fist half was burned with fw 1.14 and they all came out fine till i updated to the japaneese fw 1.18.

so far iv burned over 300 of theese babys without this i/o error. so i dont know what could be wrong, maybe its early signs of the lens burning out. … i just got it like 1 1/2 months ago.

i dont know, what do you guys think? revert back to original pioneer 1.14? and see if that helps?

300 in 1 1/2 months? Are you using it for business or something? I would say you can try downgrading if you think it would help. you can always update it again.