How to convert an Asus 1604PD to A08?
Is it using the A08 firmware and flash it directly into Asus 1604PD?


You must use DVRFlash v2 for that.
Anything else is described in it’s readme / flashing instruction.


thanks Chef :slight_smile:


No problem.

Did it work?


In case there is a problem when flashing, how can make a backup of my 1604P setting, says kernel, fireware or EEPROM such stuff?

Or just use DVDFlash again and use the Asus 1604P latest firmware to turn it back?


Any advantage of using Pioneer over Asus firmware ? Thanks


As long as you are staying with a stock firmware, I don’t believe there is any advantage. But there are hacked firmwares available –

removing the riplock (rip at 12x)

region code

overspeeding possible (burn media faster than it’s rated speed)



You cannot backup these firmwares.

You also cannot just use an ASUS firmware to flash back. You’d need DVRFlash + a ASUS KERNEL.


Where can I got a Asus kernel?


This is for the 108 OEM version!

You can get it from FLASH’s site.

Read the flashing instruction from DVRFlash carefully!
Good Luck!


Thanks again :bow: