A08 use in Cygnet Infinidvd jukebox


I’m trying to put a couple of A08XLB drives into a cygnet infinidvd jukebox. The jukebox manufacturer is long gone. I hope the tray height is about the same as the existing GF 2050 drives. I don’t know of a method to re-calibrate the picker height. I’ve been unable to find any service manuals on the jukebox.

The jukebox requires non standard signals from/to the drive.

One is an eject signal from the jukebox to the drive. I can just setup a relay and parallel the eject button on the face plate. That is easy.

The other two are from the drive and indicate tray out and tray in. It looks like LPS1 and LPS2 on the front board indicate tray in and tray out. The twist is the drive seems to use 3.3V for signaling. The jukebox uses 5V.

Can I just take the LPS1 and LPS2 and use them as inputs to a 74LS04 with pull down resistors to convert between the 3.3V and 5V circuits?

Is there a better location on the board to capture the tray sensor signals?

p.s. addonics ATAPI-SCSI converter is also being used since the jukebox requires scsi drives.