A08 and DVD-RDL

Ok, I know it is too much to expect to be able to burn DVD-RDL. BUT, does anyone think or be knowledgable enough to guess whether or not my A08 will be able to atleast READ DVD-RDL discs, thru FW update? Just wondering and all…

No, it will not be able to.
Technical reason; i think it would need different hardware inside. :bigsmile:

In some tests with DVD-R DL in another post I made (see the media forum), several Pioneer drives were able to playback the discs (A09, A07, A05) but the A08 could not mount the disc. Very odd that the older A05 could read them fine.

Sounds like a firmware problem to me… And Yes I think that it is very likely that Pioneer will fix this via an A08 firmware update.

Is it not that in other posts months back that the 108 could not burn to DVR-R DL cause it did not have the internal hardware, in another post some other drives were able to read DL but it did mention that the 108 didn’t…!!

DVD-R DL burning is not the question here…
If the drive is having issues detecting/reading DVD-R DL discs, then it is a problem in the firmware. Whether or not Pioneer will fix this is all speculatory. As the flagship company behind the DVD Forum, I would expect that they will address this reading problem.

DVD-R DL reading is functioning fine on the Pioneer 108 according to one of my contacts. (test performed today).
DVD-R DL disc burned on a Pioneer 109.

Good to know. I’ve expected nothing else.

Thank you for all the info… its nice to know that our A08’s will be able to read them anyway. :slight_smile:

At least it will if you update to 1.20 or greater…