A07XLA and firmware issues

I recently bought the A07 and it came bundled with firmware 1.10 - I decided to upgrade the firmware to the latest 1.18 and things all went to hell.

Its read speed dropped dramatically - as in when using DVD Shrink it will only read at speeds up to 1.7k as previouisly it would get up to about 4k. I’m also having issues with Nero - it seems to be taking up a hell of alot of resources compared to before - I’m running XP with 256 ram. I don’t have this issue when using my Lite-On.

Also the write buffer in Nero fluctuates dramitcally from 20% to 90% - before it would constantly remain at between 96-99, this is also the case with the Lite-On. Also the counter that tells me the remaining time is way off. I burn at 2x and it usually displays and completes in 27 mins - now it still displays 27 mins for a full burn, but the counter runs out and its still burning, actual burning taking 40 mins.

I decided to restore it back to its original firmware but couldn’t find 1.10, the earliest I could find was 1.15 - still the same problem. So I decided to try NiL’s modded 1.16 RC-1 firmware, but still no joy.

Anyone had this issue before?

I have the same configuration except a intel 2.8 prescot cpu and 1gb memory. Nero seems to burn fine with the 1.18 firmware update on my system. In task manager nero uses 86mb of mem usage and 0-2% cpu usage. Check out if you can update nero, 6.3 is the latest. And maybe a disk defrag?

sounds more like you somehow lost DMA mode on those drives mate…especially if your liteon is doing simular things.

Don’t ask me whats going on but everything is fine now…hmmm weird hehe