A07U hacked 1.18 erased 2X DVD-RWs at 4X, no longer usable?


I have the Pioneer DVR-A07U. I have been using the hacked 1.18 firmware and everything was fine. I was in a hurry :confused: and I quick-erased three 2X DVD-RWs at 4X with Nero. Each time it gave me an error (the only reason I did it three times was because I didn’t know I had it set to 4X at first :sad: ). Now I cannot use the discs at all. In My Computer, the drive goes to the icon that just says “CD Drive” instead of “DVD-RW Drive” whenever I have one of the 3 discs in. I have tried to erase them again with Nero, but it says there is no DVD-RW disc in the drive. I even tried a Full Erase at 1X. I went back to the official 1.18 firmware, but that didn’t help either. Is there any way to recover the discs, so I can use them again?!

Any help would be appreciated… - Thanks

Yes the same thing happened to me… Totally ruined 2 discs… (2x TDK DVD-RW) that was several months ago and I never used a hacked firmware again :cool:

Try using DVDInfo, it has a disc formatter and eraser built-in.
I had the same problem with 2 of my dvd-rw’s but dvdinfo fixed them.
Use the full format function first.


Okay, the problem is fixed… I used DVDInfoPro. I had to slow erase (long time!) the discs and then go back and format them. Now all 3 work fine :bow:

No one forced you to use the patched firmware - you were using it at your own risk.
Nero is known to be buggy especially when it comes to erase RW media.
DVDInfoPro can cure that problems in most cases.

No one forced me to use official firmware either. BTW I had tried several programs to erase. 4x RW media is cheap now… get a clue

Flaming aside – When you went back to non-hacked firmware did the -RW problem go away?