A07 with Mitubishi OEM media



Hi guys. I’ve had the A07 for a week or so now and decided to do some KProbin on my own. :slight_smile: Does anyone have any info on this Mitubishi OEM media??


I’ve seen couple Kprobe results but not sure if these are the same medias. If no one knows I am planning to pick up some and try them. Thanks.



If it’s real mitsubishi media it should be great. Same as verbatim datalifeplus media.

(MCC01RG20 for DVD-R and MCC 002 for DVD+R).

But I’ve seen several places where they’ve adverticed crappy unknown media as Mitsubishi OEM (ID: VDSPMSAB01, VDSPSAB01, Yi Jhan or VANGUARD). This is NOT mitsubishi OEM and is some really junk media.

I don’t know how reliable that site is (I’m not in the US :wink: ) so it’s hard to know if they’re selling the fake ones or the real ones.


Thanks for your reply. I actually just picked up a 100 pack of Taiyo Yudens so I will get those Mitubishi medias later. :stuck_out_tongue: When I do get those, I’ll check the manufacture ID and report back. They seem to be too cheap for Mitubishi OEM medias though…



I was told by a friend that these Mitubishi OEMs are made in Taiwan. Therefore they probably don’t have the Mitubishi Chemical ID on the media.



Some MCC discs are made by CMC with a MCC MID, so they might well be MCC.

Of course, the company could be pulling a fast one and calling CMC, or MBI media “Mitsubishi”, since these companies to OEM for MCC. A bit like calling Lead-Data media “Sony OEM”. Naughty, but not technically inaccurate.


I bought a 50 pack from ym local best buy which are Verbatim Data Life DVD+R 4x and I have the A07 also. I have not had success with bruning them at 4x. I would get a power calibration error and so far I have only been able to burn at 2.4x. I have recently upgraded my firmware to the latest pioneer released which I believe is 1.16 and have not tried yet…hopefully I will try tonight or tomorrow and maye this will have fixed the problem. If anyone has suggestions please let me know. The media spindle has Mitsuhishi Chemical Corporation and that is made in Taiwan. It also states under disc info from Nero that is a MCC 002 disc. I have only read good things about them yet I am not having good luck with them. Please let me know what you think. Thanks.