A07 burning TDK's at only 2x

Bought a Pioneer DVR-A07XLA last week. The store threw in a bonus 5-pack of TDK DVD-R 4x disks. However on my burner they would only write at 2x. One of the guys at the store has the same burner, same firmware, but he insists his will burn these disks at 4x using Nero6 as I do. After flashing the newest firmware, still the same result. Also tried a different batch of disks but still the same. Other cheaper DVD-R’s have burnt at 4x. Is there any reason for this occuring, providing the guy at the shop is not wrong?


Please post the media code for these discs.

Also, make sure that you have DMA enabled.


I had a similar problem only to find out that my IDE controller was configured for PIO ( programmed I/O) which is extemely inefficient way
of talking to your drive. I changed it to Ultra DMA Mode 2 and suddenly
the burst speed jumped from 3mbps to 22mbps and the burn speed
started run at 3.87x. So, check the mode your IDE is confgured for
and set it to DMA mode or whatever DMA mode your motherboard supports whcih is compatible with the drive.

Good luck…

Just found the answer. Well, sort of…


Sold in Australia as TDK DVD-R 1-4X, 4.7GB Single Sided as a spindle of 25 disks.

Note the absence of a 4X “Available Write Descriptor”. This disk will not burn at 4X and SmartBurn reports max speed as 2X.

Think they duped me. Guess it’s older stock to what the guy in the shop is using or something. Might go down and tell them they ripped me off :Z

Interestingly, can’t find the disk at MediaMatch. Even a search by UPC code doesn’t return a result. Does this point to old media/stock?


As I said, other disks burn OK. Therefore DMA wasn’t the problem. And it’s the first thing I checked when I installed the drive, as should be done. The problem is explained in my last reply.

Thanks for the help though.


TTG01 media is official 4x media and burns correctly at 4x (although error rates are high) on my LiteON and even burns at 8x on my NEC!! One thing to note is that I have been having problems with the latest TTG01s that are Made in Taiwan by CMC - some are good and some are just plain rubbish.


Well, I’m a DVD newbie who learns fast, but this is just like when cdr’s first came out - trial and error, with a bit of trial, a lot of errors, and a hell-of-a-load of blasphemy :slight_smile:

And just like my cd burner, I seem to have more luck with the cheaper media. Just got to shop round and test, test, test! The technology will stabilise a bit in a few months though. Then the next format will arrive.