A07 'Advanced Quiet Utility'

Saw this linked on Doom9 today.


Looks like Pioneer has released a utility to modify how quite/loud the drive is during normal day to day operation. As I’m at work right now I’m unable to confirm that it does work on other regional A07’s then just Japan. Also appears to only work with the 1.10 firmware.

That’s a feature of the new DVR-A07XLA/B 's.

As it now appears this unit will sell alongside the 107d’s rather than replacing them, I’d think it would be a value added option for those that want to pay the extra dollars for the new unit and pioneer definatly would not release a tool for the 107D’s to do the same.

But I’d love to hear otherwise from someone that tries that.

Looks like you are correct. I get a “Target is not found.” error.

this utility only works on the A07-J