A06 slow burning time...1hr.23mins for dvd

This is my first post so bear with me…I have just burnt a dvd and it took almost an hour and a half…what am I doing wrong?? Are there any settings I should check and change?? Is there a troubleshooting utility I can use to find the problem??..as you can see I NEED HELP!!! My burning program in Nero 6 and my system is an AMD 2000 with 256 ram and an 80 gig HD.
Thanks to all in advance… :confused:

A newbie helping a newbie? That’s dangerous…

Anyway I’ve been getting up to speed on this and it appears that there are many things that can cause this. One of the most obvious is that one or more of the devices in your burning process is not set to DMA mode. Another is how you have your PC configured, i.e. what disks/DVD-ROM/DVD-RW are on what controllers and which are masters/slaves. Another possible issue is the firmware of your writer - some of the older ones may be causing a slowdown. Finally look at getting the latest patches/updates for Nero from the nero website.


Also don’t have anything else that is CPU intensive running at the same time. Due to underrun protection, the burn won’t die, but it will take much longer if there are processes that are soaking up CPU cycles going on at the same time. The same is true of processes that are accessing the hard drive that the image is located on, or that are saturating the bus the that drive is on.

Make sure you are not using 1x media. They will take well over an hour to burn a full 4.7 gigs, especially if you don’t have DMA enabled for the burner. Don’t have the burner connected to the same IDE cable as the hardrive you are reading from.