A05 Has Stopped Recgnizing Media

Hi, I have a Pioneer A05, have had it for over 2 years and its been working fine. THe other day it seems to have stopped recognizing media. The drive is still recognized by WindowsXP (SP2), has the latest firmware (1.33) and I didn’t change anything that I know of. If a put a CD or DVD in nothing happens. The drive just shows up as having no disc. I can right click on the drive (Which is showing up as DVD-RW Drive in windows) and eject the media etc, but I can’t get it to recognize anything. Any ideas where to start. Its master on IDE 2. I’ll try switching it over to IDE 1 and a new cable, but if that doesn’t work does anyone else have suggestions.

Does it recognize original non-burned CDs?

No, its not recognizing store bought cd’s or dvd’s either.

Eiher it needs to be cleaned or replaced.