A03 not playing nice ;)

My A03 decided yesterday not to function.
I have updated the Firmware with out any problem but the drive will not recognize any disk.

It is recoganized by BIOS and OS no problem and is reporting that it is functioning.

Media is same I have always burned b-4 with no problem, and I stay away from the cheepie stuff.

Any Ideas? I have done about everything I can think short of installing it in a new box…

SYS SPEC: SuperMicro INtel 440BX/440GX - BIOS AMI 063100
CPU: Dual P III 800 MHz
OS: Win2K sp1

Thx Jc

hey… i have the EXACT same problem… i’ve read in other threads that A03 “likes” to be connected alone in one channel as master and also in PIO mode… i tried this but it changes nothing… my A03 can’t read any original cd, can’t read almost any cd i’ve recorded previously, and when i try to burn anything it gives me a power callibration error… don’t know what the problem is… if anyone could help me here i would appreciate very much…

Hi… Yesterday I had the same problem… my Pioneer A03 (firmware updated to 2.00) dont identify the discs inserted… The green light are “flashing” a lot of times, then the orange light starts to flash… Even the original disc, that are included on the package of this DVD-R dont works… someone can help us?

Thanks a lot!