‘Worst’ File-Sharing Pirates Spend 300% More on Content Than ‘Honest’ Consumers

Telecoms regulator Ofcom has just published a study into the state of online copyright infringement in the UK, with some very interesting conclusions. The researchers found that 10% of the country’s most prolific infringers are responsible for almost 80% of all infringements carried out online, but with a bonus. These plus an additional 10% of infringers spend 300% more than ‘honest’ consumers who don’t infringe copyright at all.



This reminds me that there’s fun in just about every collection of statistics. It appears to ultimately conclude that people that consume the most, spend the most. Gee - wot a shock.

There is one giggle-worthy sentence: “the Justifying Infringers represent the largest group that considers fair-priced legal alternatives.”

Of course, since these are the largest consumers, it’s fair to say they also consider EVERY alternative the most.

Too bad the conclusions aren’t more enforceable onto suppliers, who’ll likely conclude this study has all the solution-logic of the “Glass Half Full” argument.

300% is hard to believe. But there are other studies that show that people who frequently illegally download music buy more music than non-downloaders.

Now i"m betting that doesn’t hold true for DVD’s of movies and TV’s…