A whole lot of compatible questions

i have a MDG pentium 4
1GB of RAM
Asus P4R800-VM motherboard
GeForce MX 4000 graphic card

i want to change my mx 4000 for a 6800 Ultra and i intend to keep the asus but need to know if it will b compatible with a BFG GeForce 6800 Ultra ( http://www.tigerdirect.ca/applications/searchtools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=1213309&Tab=0&NoMapp=0 ). the 6800 requires minimum 480W system power supply and 4-pin Connector. I only have a 320W power supply so im thinking of getting the Ultra / X-Connect / 500-Watt / ATX / Dual 80mm Fan / Titanium-Color / Modular Power Supply ( http://www.tigerdirect.ca/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=874746 ). So me not knowing all there is to know i want to see what others think or know, since im not sure if it will all b compatible (the card with the motherboard) and if the power supply system will b enuff since its 500w and the minimum for the card is 480W.

Do some searching on google for “power supply review” and or comparison. You will find that some of the 320w power supplies can out-perform some of the 500w power supplies. A good 400w power supply is better than a cheap 600w power supplie in some instances. Just buy a quality 450w - 500w power supply, and you won’t have any problems. Hell, the stock power supply in my dell 8400, is running 3 hd’s, 2 dvd burners, geforce 6800 video card, 20’ lcd monitor, klipsch pro media 5.1 speakers with audigy platinum, running video editing software, and I’ve had no problems at all. I believe that it only has a 420w power supply.

Wow, some card.

I’d guess that if the minimum for the card is 480w then you need to go considerably more than that to support the rest of the setup. I’d think that 600/650w would be a minimum to aim for, but they ain’t cheap.

I’d also suggest that a PSU with a single 120mm fan would significantly reduce the noise generated.

Just seen Harley’s post. He certainly has more knowledge of this side of things than I have so his advice of quality over quantity (in watts terms) is sound.

i did a search but still couldnt make my mind up on the power supply but a friend recommended this one ( http://www.tigerdirect.ca/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=1419091&Sku=E456-2032 ) but shoul i really go this far ? do i really need all of what that one offers or should i just stick with the Ultra X-Connect 500W one.

It is very unliklly that you need that with a single 6800 (maybe with sli) (not the a little lower model enermax wouldn’t be a good choice). Just a warning, there are lots of power supplys for much less than that which would probably work, but avoid x-conect like the plague. X-conect pulled a major bait and switch and it would seem that almost everyone is still falling for it. They came out with power supplies that were very good quality (not charicteristic for ultra), sent them to every one that would take one (so there are endless reviews that claim they are great), kept them on the market for a little while, then changed to a cheap oem (many power supplys are rebadges made to the companys specs). If I recall right, they were originally top power (doesn’t matter who it was, they were good and all the reviews support it). After being on the market for a while, they changed thier oem to young year. They went from top quality to below average. Before any ultra owners starts flaming me for trashing ultra, look at the ul number on your ultra, and see who it is registered to. It could be an older production one (top power if I recall right), but if it is ultra, have the guts to post it (if you were going to flame me, cause I have meet some very pationate people about ultras that wanted to just about kill me for calling it garbage). If it is young year, please post.
The reason that they get away with it is that the average user that buys some huge 500-600 watt power supply probably only needs a good (key word good) 350 watt. They never come anywhere close to showing that the power supply cannot handle what it claims. On some of the overclockers sites where people do actually push thier power supplys to the rated capacity (throw a 200 watt pelt or a high end sli system into a computer and power gets eaten up FAST). That is where the ultras have been exposed. Have you ever seen a 500 watt enermax, antec, fortron, pc power and cooling, or any other good one, for 40$ after rebate? Have you ever seen an ultra 500 watt for 40$ after rebate (all the time)? there is a reason for that.
If you want some good power supply recomendations, just ask. First thing I would do is check out a few power supply calculators first (I can find a few if you like).

i realy know a bit to nothing compaired to what you just said in that post so i would appreciate it if you did find one for me since i have to the get the 6800 asap because i found out that i was geting blue screens from my mx 4000 no clue why but thats a different story.

Check at your local Staples store for an Antec Truepower 430w (which is capable of much more than 430w). A few weeks ago they were only $29.00. Frys also had deals on these. Check around. Use Froogle.com.

here is a good power supply calculator.


See what it gives you and post and I would be happy to make some recomendations. Fyi I wasn’t implying that the enermax was bad, just a little bit overkill (not that overkill is a bad thing). If you want to go cheaper than 200$ you defanatlly can.

my outcome came to 305W but the section under video card before the driver section i left blank because i didnt know what ide hdd or sata hhd was or even if i had that and im guessing its only for overclocked video cards? neways 305W was it at 80%(default) PSU utilization and 342W at 100%(peak utilization) PSU utilization. also i did set the video card to the 6800 ultra im ganna buy but now that i did this lil thing i dont understand why the discription reqommended a 480W power supply.

i’v read ALOT of reviews from differnt sites selling the card and i saw that most ppl say that good brand power supplies like 480W+ enermax,antec,or tagan are a must and the card runs a bit hot in a short amount of time.now my question is will my 80mm mid-tower case fan be enough lol?

There are defanatlly reasons to go bigger. First, power supply calculators are just a guideline. Some of the equipment might use a little more or a little less than the power supply calculator states. Hard drives and optical drives would be a good example. The values are averages but some drives may take more. Second, it is not good to run your power supply under full load (like using a 350 watt power supply for a system that uses 350 watts). Even some of the good ones wont do it and or voltages can become unstable. Another reason is that if you go with a power supply that is just big enough, it leaves you no room for upgrading/adding stuff. If you ever decide to overclock, that takes more power too.
There are lots of reasons to go overkill on the size of your power supply which is why people usally recomend it. I personally agree. If the calculator says that you use about 342 watts, you could probably get away with a 400 watt minimum but I would recomend at least a 450 watt, not only to be safe, but to give room for a little upgrading, more usb stuff etc.
Enermax(coolergiant), fortron (sparkle), antec, ocz, pc power and cooling are all good brands and there are probably others. With antec, smart power are not as good as true power. With ocz, mod stream are not as good as power stream. With enermax, whisper series are not as good as the other ones. When I say they are not as good, I do not mean that they are poor quality. I mean the the higher ones will probably have a little higher true power output compared to the lower ones (If I didn’t think they were good I wouldn’t be running an enermax wisper in one of my computers and an antec smart power in the other). If the price is right, the lower models work just fine.

Here is the enermax I have

here are a few more good ones for under 100$

There are of course lots more good ones both under and over 100$

Here is some very good information on power supplies as well as more recomendations

Fyi if you are going to get a 600$ video card then I’m assuming you are not broke. It might not hurt to spend a few more dollars and get something in the 500 watt range. there are good ones that you can get for about the same price as the ultra (see both my recomendations above and the link I gave you). The ones I recomended are not nesasarily the ones I consider best. I just picked some good ones off new egg.

One last thing. Be certain what conectors you are going to need and make sure the power supply you get will suit your needs. Some of the neww stuff uses diffrent conectors (like 24 pin motherboard conectors) and not all power supplies will work anymore.

Fyi ide and sata are diffrent kinds of hard drives. If your system was originally a factory built one, its probably got regular ide drives (pata). If it was custom build, it might have either.

Wow thanks everyone for your help and input on my series of stupid questions you’ve all helped me make my mind up. Im going to get the ENERMAX All in One Noisetaker Series 600W Power Supply and yes i’v checked my motherboard manual and it uses 20-pin/4-pin ATX 12V power connectors which the power supply will fit into. only thing left is finding a store near by to get these items at because online shipping taxes are ALOT(usa sites to canda, since cant find a canadian site that has what i need or has it in stock at least)
So thanks again!

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but there is an issue with that power supply. All the user reviews and info I can find point to this power supply being rock solid. Enermax has had a reuptaion of being a good power supply manufacture for a long time. It would seem that there was a bad batch of these 600 watt power supplies though. I have searched around (since I recomended enermax) and cannot find any mention of the problem except on newegg. It would seem that it might have just been a few defective units and newegg got them all. Even on newegg, many worked fine. The ones that died, died very quickly (sounds like they blew a capacitor so maybe enermax got a few bad caps). I would be tempted to get one anyway (not from newegg though) if that was the power supply I wanted but I just thought I shoulld mention it. Read the user reviews here to see what I am talking about. I was unable to find mention of this problem anywhere else so it may be isolated to newegg.

thanks for the info i hope i dont get the bad one lol

wow ran into another problem. the good video cards all need a 2.0 AGP Slot motherboard but my asys P4R800-VM manual says its a AGP 8x/4x (1.5V Only). im wondering if the card will work or not and if so will it have problems. going in 2 hours so hope some1 can respond soon.

agp1(2x) 3v cards
agp2 1.5 volt
some transition 4x mobos handled both
??? pretty sure, not positive

used 8x cards in 4x mobos and vice versa

One more thing since the geforce is out of stock and im dead bored with out a working graphic card im thinking of getting a ATI. ATI Radeon 256MB AGP Video Card (X850XT) is in stock i could get it in 30min but is it worth waiting a week and ordering the ATI Radeon X850 XT Platinum Edition 256MB AGP?
in the comparision i dont think it would make a BIG difference other then the price…