A way to defeat safeaudio...maybe

I haven’t tested this, as i do not have a win 95, 98, 98se computer. But i was browsing around, looking for info on my dvd player when i came acoss this:

"IT IS NOT A CDDA - It may look like one in as much as it is a silver disk
with music on it but it is no more entitled to the “CDDA” logo than my

If you look closely you will realise a complete lack of the “Compact Disc
Digital Audio” logo. This is beacuse Philips (the owner of the CD format)
have refused to allow these “copy protected” disks to carry the CDDA
logo. Note this, the people who invented the CDDA standard are on OUR SIDE!

The system works by taking a normal CDDA and then destroying half of the
data on it. The upshot is:

  1. Old players which only play CDDA will just attempt to play it. The data
    has been corrupted in such a way as it will still play (just about).
  2. New players which play more than CDDA (Ie. DVD, VCD, MP3 etc.) will try
    to identify the disc before playing it. They will see what look like
    (thousands?) of scratches and refuse to play it in case your speakers are
    damaged. This includes PCs, MACs and any high-end audio equipment such as
    the TYT clones.
  3. (without going into a vveerryy long explanation about how CDDA works) If
    you scratch a SafeAudio™ disk you are far more likely to kill the disc
    permanently (track skipping etc.) Remember, they are already covered in
    ‘invisible scratches’.

I own several hundred original CDDAs, I am a musician! I disagree with
music piracy. But, if the companies refuse to let me play their CD’s in my
equipment, I will rectify the problem. If that means defeating their
‘lousy copy protection’ then so be it.

The solution:

Well, here comes the sad irony. The only way to play this disc is to copy it!
Sadly, I could only find one way of doing this, and it requires a certain

You will need:

Windows '95, '98 or 98se

CDFS.VXD (from our FAQ directory in the Files area of this board)

Some luck

SOME installs of windows do not like the new VXD - I have yet to work out
why, but my machine ('98se) just goes BSD (Blue Screen of Death) and dies;
my gf’s machine ('98se) works just fine (occasion BSD which can be ignored

CDFS.VXD only works with SOME CD drives - if it doesn’t work in one, try in
in another.

  1. Make 650MB of space on your hard drive
  2. goto c:\windows\system\iosubsys
  3. make a backup of your original CDFS.VXD
  4. place the new CDFS.VXD in this directory
  5. reboot the machine
  6. open Windows Explorer
  7. place a regular CDDA disc in your cd drive
  8. select this cd drive with explorer
  9. You will see the normal .cda entries and also “stereo” and “mono”
  10. eject the CDDA
  11. insert the SafeAudio disc
  12. close the drive tray and wait 10 seconds for it to load
  13. press “F5” - you should now be able to see the protected disc
  14. goto \stereo\44100\16bit (or whichever format you prefer)
  15. drag-and-drop the .wav files from the CD to your hard-drive
  16. burn these wav files to a normal CDDA using Nero (or other software)

This DOES work. You may need to “just ignore” some BSD’s and you WILL need
some luck with what else is installed on windows and having a compatible CD
Drive. Don’t give up if it doesn’t work first time - welcome to the world
of hacking.

These CDs are deliberately designed to be of inferior quality DO NOT BUY THEM. "
Hope this will help, i never do it myself. for cdfs.vxd, try google to find one

Taken from here, 4th post down.

Please test and see if this works.

Sorry to say but this is old news. When the first audio copy protections appeared this trick was mentioned as one of the first possible solutions.

Unfortunately cdfs.vxd works only with W95/98/ME so its use is limited nowadays. Besides that I have never encountered a SafeAudio protected disc…

Btw: the description of SafeAudio resembles CDS200 as this protection also uses intentional C2 errors (the same type of errors which also occur because of scratches).

So SafeAudio or CDS200 protected cds may have clicks whenever playing the original cd and the cds are more scratch sensitive.

sorry, didn’t mean to post old news. Like i said i was browsing around and saw it and i thought, thats looks usefull to post on cdfreaks. oh well, as long as its defeated one way or another, it doesn’t matter who figures it out.

Np! Whenever you encounter something interesting share it with your fellow CDFreaks! :smiley:


I’ve been searching for SafeAudio discs for nearly a whole year.

Could you kindly tell us whichs discs contain SafeAudio protection? Where did you buy those discs?

As far as I can tell, SafeAudio was found in the USA only.

honestly have no idea, as I said before, i din’t come up with this, I found it on that other website.
Try a search on google.

wow hehe

as said above this is ancient

all the vxd did was make the audio files viewable on the cdr`s

there for you could drag and drop :smiley:

but its pointless now who wants to revert back to win 95 - 98se hehe

my my dad still uses win98, which im currently on because of vacation and I couldn’t bring my comp. It is kind of pointless though, he doesn’t even have a cd burner.:slight_smile:

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SafeAudio and CDS200 have been merged now since MidBar was acquired by MacroVision. I have a SafeAudio protected CD, the Avril Lavigne - Let Go disc (released Belgium). It introduces annoying pops & clicks when ripped with EAC. Turning on C2 error recovery hangs my pc (drive is an old AOpen 32x CD-Rom).

From all the reviews & posts I’ve read here theoretically the Plextor drives should be able to rip this CD without pops & clicks at 4x with Burst Mode and ‘single session’ in PlexTools.