A way to check after burning?

Hi, is there a fast way to check after burning a DVD-R using DW1620? Cause I bought some of the really crapy discs (onidtech), I just found out today, one dvd that I burned stop working near end. I’ve already back up some of the files onto them and deleted them from my hd, I want to make sure I don’t delete any important stuff forever.

I know nero has a verify after burn option, but I tried it once, it takes way too long and it tells me failed… Is there an easy way to do a check? Thanks!

There’s even a better way, don’t buy crap media to backup sensitive data…

Yeah, use an MD5 generator and verifier.

I use MD5 summer. It’s freeware.

This link will explain what md5s are:


It’s basically a hash-checker to verify that the files on your dvd/cd match the ones burned to your hard drive.

I do it all the time… takes awhile to generate and check md5s, but it’s worth it for my peace of mind.

I set up a folder before burning, and put the md5 in that directory, along with all the data I want to burn (including sub-folders of files); let’s call this folder “To Burn”. I then burn the dvd from the “To Burn” folder, and then open the md5 file (freshly burned) from the dvd copy and have MD5 Summer check the data on the dvd.

You may have to mess around with it awhile to see how it works.


Copy the newly created disc onto a temporary folder on your hard drive.
Scan with CD/DVD speed on the disc quality check.

Follow the 2copy rule.
If you don’t have at least two copies of a piece of data, kiss it goodbye. So make two copies.

Use at least mid-range media, such as ritek, so that your data can last.

Hello Daniel,

I posted about the md5 method, but I was wondering if you could elaborate on your media comment. Is there an issue with dvdrs being only semi-permanent in some cases?

I know I had some really crummy non-branded cdrs once, and I’d go to check the data a few months later, and it would be corrupt. Does that happen with poor quality dvd media too?

Thanks in advance,


I second that. :iagree:

sorry i dont quite get what ur saying. so after i burn the dvd-r, i copy its entire content back to HD? and do teh Speed check on the burned disc? does it tell me if the dvd-r is valid?

also, for the 2copy rule, do u simply just burn 2 copies, is that what u mean?
sorry, but would you elaborate.

and, i wish i had bought better media, but i got those dvd-r when i bought my drive. there’s a first time for everyone, so, that was it for me.

There is no way to guarantee the burn is success on cheap onidtech media. It doesn’t mean anything if your burner was able to copy all the data from the disk back to the harddisk. Because other DVD readers may not able to read back all the data. Once your burner doesn’t work, all your disk become pretty much useless.

Everytime backup 2 copy with two different media (at least two different batch). Because some DVD reader tends to good at different manufacture media.

Make 2 copy on the same batch of disk is really risky. Disk in the same batch(ie spindle) tends to have the same quality. For example, if the disk with high PI rate in the middle of the disk, many disk from the same batch will have the same problem. The files will locate exactly the same place on both disc. If a file fail on one, it will likely to fail on the 2nd copy.

Always use good media, then you don’t have to worry.