A Video Server Frontend?!



Hi Guys,

I pretty new to the whole DVD ripping, playback, etc. scene. If this is not the proper place to post this question, please point me to the right place.

I have used DVD Decrypter to write DVD images to my hard disk, Daemon Tools to mount the image, and Power DVD to play these movies back. These are all truly great tools that seem to work very well and very consistently.

It seems to me that the next step in this process, at least for me, is to try to find out how to automate this process using Windows menus. That is, I would like to be able to create a menu with all of my stored move images listed and be able to click on a movie title and have that movie mount and play from one menu item click. Now having wished for the world :slight_smile: , I have a lot of questions concerning being able to do this. I don’t know enough about Daemon Tools to know if it can be called from another program and if it can be passed an argument (movie name, path), etc. Has anyone written a program, script, etc that will do what is described above that anyone knows about? If so, where can it be found? Or where can information about this type of program be found?

Also it would be nice to automate the front end of this process as well. That is, have the computer read a DVD into an ISO image using DVD Decrypter and place that image into the folder of your choice automatically with a single mouse click. See, now I have also asked for the moon :flower: as well as the world. I guess, in a nut shell, what I’m looking for is a windows based Video/Movie Server. :bigsmile:

It seems that we have all of the essential tools to accomplish this. We just need a program that will pull together all of the pieces. Maybe it has already been done? Maybe I am over simplifying this whole thing?

Does this forum deal with these types of questions? Remember, be gentle, I’m new here!