A video peek to Ritek

These videos may partially explain the variable quality of Ritek’s products. :wink:



C’mon man, those machines run themselves!

They seem very dedicated and professional at the RiTEK plant! :stuck_out_tongue:

I really enjoyed that first photog who spends 75% of the video-time following the floor! Yawn… I didn’t understand the Mandarin, though - was there a comment about, “If these were made in Brasil, we’d be wearing these masks to prevent fungal infections”? I wasn’t sure about that.

Vietnamese workers at a Taiwan’s Ritek plant? I can’t find any hint that says the plant is in Taiwan, but I can see some characters on the floor in Chinese.

AFAIK, a lot of companies in Taiwan use foreign workers at their factories. When I was over there a few times years ago the company I visited used workers from the Philippines in their factories.

Same in South Korea. The number of foreigners in South Korea was about 150,000 in 1998, excluding temporary stay. It’s over one million now. Two thirds of them are either Chinese or southeast Asians.