A VERY strange problem, and a little question


I bought NEC ND-4550A and i had a strange problem:
It didnt read the DVD-R’s it wrote, though it burned it just fine since my standalone DVD’s in the salon and my room read it.

I tried 3 diffrent medias, one is a cheap one AO-something i think and one is TDK and another one i dont know exactly (which my friend burned in his pioneer dvdrw).

The error windows gave me:
Windows cannot read from this disc. It might be corrupted, or using a format that is not compatible with Windows.

I also tried in DOS with a boot disk since i thought it can be windows problem.
it read the original dvd but the burned one’s it said: General failure reading drive … bla bla

Ok here’s more details of what i tried:

It reads CD-R, and Original DVD (not burned).
It doesnt read DVD-R (burned with this burner or other).
I tried firmware upgrade.
I send it back and they told me it does everything fine, though they may lie so i cancled the deal.

I just dont know what to do now, i want this model but what if it will do the same problem to me again.
So maybe you can tell me some other brand’s model that does the same as this one, and have the same quality. (except Plaxtor cuz its expensive :slight_smile: )

Thanks in advance,
You’re my only hope :slight_smile:

Burn another of these DVDs with verify, so you can find out if it’s the media or some software/config problem.

Post the logfile here if possible.

Well its not the media for sure.


I have got similar problem with NEC 4551 and reading DVD-R discs. Drive is brand new and reflashed with 1-Z2 firmware.

Drive simply cannot see any DVD-R discs that are burned on other drives (LG). Discs are new, TDK’s, not scratched. With DVD+R I have no problems.

Can it be fixed with firmware update?


I think that this issue has nothing to do with firmware…

Well, maybe can anyone just tell me which other company+model is recommended with same spec. like this NEC?