A VERY odd audio glitch on my 5005 today



I was setting the machine up to record off my TiVo, which feeds into the 5005 by way of RCA cables.

The 5005 has no antenna or cable TV feed. NOTHING. The A/V inputs are its only source.

When using the Guider to set up the recording, it went to the antenna source first, and as usual I got loud static thru my stereo speakers (which is what the 5005 feeds into).

When I switched the recorder over to the A/V inputs however, the left audio channel continued feeding the tuner’s static into the stereo! :eek:

Not the right, mind you, nor the center channel.

Just the left. :iagree:

I forget how I got out of it (maybe cycled thru the choices, locked in on the antenna feed, and then changed it again…I don’t know) but I finally got the noise to stop.

Isn’t that a little…strange? :frowning:

The 5005 was no longer set to use the antenna as a source, but kept feeding the audio from the tuner thru the left audio output? :rolleyes:


Musta been a gremlin :slight_smile: …glad it worked out for you!