A Very Challenging Question for Our Experts

Given a slim optical Combo drive, can those in the know, mention the possible number of ways to deactivate its writing capability?

Has anyone ever gone as far as changing the firmware or are there a simpler method to carry out this disabling?

This may sound impractical but no doubt, it is an interesting project and requires sound knowledge of the inner working of an LG drive.

Just curious.Why would you want to do that?


the only real world scenario would be a computer in a business environment. But then there are other methods available to make the writing capabilities unreachable.

Another method might be editing the firmware with MCSE in order to ensure 100% coaster rate :bigsmile:


At least a dozen. Level of challenge/interest, about zero, but then again you haven’t given us any drives.

A DVD-ROM drive or filter driver might also be reasonable solutions.

Not even sure you would need a sound grasp of the LG internals, a basic grasp of the MMC spec should be sufficient.

Brother Vlad