A variety of problems; Trojans, reformatting issues



Well…I have trojans. I’ve been trying to figure out a way to get rid of them, because they’re a complete pain in the ass. I read that I have to reformat my computer to completely get rid of them, and that’s fine and dandy…
But I can’t get my computer to boot from the CD. I can insert the CD, and go to the BIOS and change it so that it will boot from the CD, and then when I save and exit and continue with the startup of my computer, it will say that it’s going to boot up with the CD, but then it just…Doesn’t? It starts up normally. And that is an even BIGGER pain in the ass, because all that happens is, I get basically spammed by Avira’s virus detection popup.
So I started my computer in safe mode, and I’m on the ADMINISTRATOR account right now. I tried deleting my main account, making a new one, and getting on it to see if the Trojans went away, but that doesn’t work. :confused: So I think I might be just a little bit screwed at the moment. Is there anything I can do? I really don’t want to have to ask my parents to take me and my computer to a specialist, because then they’ll find out that my CPU cooling fan broke when I tried to clean it out 'cause so much dust gets in there. Sigh. Any ideas?


What OS are you using? If XP and you can read from the CD you should be able to run the setup from there. Insert the XP cd, click on my computer, right click your CD/DVD drive and select explore, then double click setup.exe.


You had better get that CPU cooling fan replaced, like quicker than quick!!!


About the fan, yes, you’d better get it repaired quick.

About the formatting, well I’ve been facing such problems since a long time, and I’ve found two things that work. One is called Bart PE which is some kind of Windows pre-installation thing. The other is Puppy Linux. I don’t know if you’ve used Linux earlier, but this one is really a piece of cake. You can download it from their site, its just 100 MB, then burn to disc (if that’s possible for you with the present state of your computer), and then boot from the CD, and the Puppy will load into the RAM, and you will be able to access the hard disk, and you can also take out the Puppy CD and pop in any other disc because its running from RAM.

Just out of curiosity: how did you manage to get so many trojans that they brought down your computer? What names does your AV throw at you?