A/V Synch software issue?

I am a newbie when it comes to all things DVD or VCD.

Here’s what I don’t get.

I capture - using WinFast 2000 XP dlx MPEG 2 DVD settings - tried several VHS that were recorded at EP or SLP. (Or whatever the two and six hour recording lengths are called.)

It plays fine off the HD. A virtual copy of the original. Then I author using TMPGENC DVD author - no editing, and burn - tried the TMPGENC and Nero 6.0.19 for burning.

The DVD is always progressively out of synch. From beginning to end - about 2 seconds. It starts to go out of synch at about the 10 minute mark.

This happens on a clean install of Win XP Pro, 80 gig HD 7200 rpm - defragged, 768 meg 2100 ram, Philips Acoustic Edge Sound Card, NEC 1300A.

Two Questions:

  1. Why? If it’s tape quality, then why would it play fine on the HD?

I read somewhere where it was suggested that it may be a sound card issue, because the cards may not really capture at 48,000. Y, N, Maybe?

  1. Since Virtual Dub has a setting to ‘force’ synch the A/V, then does anyone know of an all in one newbie software that has this feature?

Frankly, my experience is that VHS conversion is not for newbies - the guides are at best incomplete - which is very frustrating because I see no reason why a software package that does it all can’t be created.

Ah well… yes I would like a little cheese with my w(h)ine thank you.

If your movie/ VHS recordings are playing fine on your HD then it is nothing to do with the original tapes. It can’t be becuase then your HD recordings would be out of synch and they are not.

What are you playing your burnt movie in. I have found that some moive playing programs have touble playing video and audio in synch, other programs play them fine.

I haven’t heard about your sound card issue before.

What I do find a little strange is that your movie is fine up to 10 minutes then go’s 2 seconds out of synch for the rest of the moive. All of my problems have either been the movie start out 2 seconds out of synch and stays that much out from beginning to end or gradually go’s more out of synch the more you watch.

Sorry I havn’t been much help. Hopefully ChickenMan will show up and know exactly what the problem is and how to fix it.

Thanks for the reply.

Sorry I wasn’t clear - just so frustrated.

At the 10 minute mark the DVD will progressively get out of synch. By the end of the recording (about 1 and 1/2 hours) it will be about 2 seconds out of synch. Audio is faster than video.

I’ve tried both + and - media, and both RW and R.

It’s ‘only’ the created DVD that is out of synch. This is on both the PC or the component DVD.

More questions

  1. Is it possible that even though the WinFast capture plays fine on the HD, that this problem is related to it and not the software?

  2. Do other people have A/V synch issues like mine… plays fine on HD, but authors/burns out of synch on DVD? Or are your synch issues present at every step of the process?