A/V sync problems

Hope this is the right forum. I have a downloaded avi that works great until around the halfway mark when the voice begins to lead the action by approx. 1-1.5 sec. Ran it thru divfix and vdub mp3 freeze but neither program saw any bad frames. Is it possible to cut the avi at the point of the sync problem correct the sync and rejoin the avi for encoding? Thanks in advance :confused:

Yep, thats the way to fix the problem. Use VirtualDUBMod to do that. Use the slider at the bottom to mark out the bit you DONT want, hit delete, set Video & Audio to Direct Stream copy and then Save AVI. Then do the same for the other bit. Use the Append feature to re-join the avi’s.

Thanks. Used Vitualdub to do the same thing. Cut the avi at point of problem re-synced the audiothen rejoined good part with the repaired part using append feature. That vdub is a wonderful tool. Wish I had more time to experiment with all the features. Thanks again very much :bigsmile: