A/V sync problem with AVI to DVDR

i didn’t think i could get any more problems with converting avi’s to dvdr that i couldn’t sort out myself… but… i would really appreciate some help or suggestions on this one!

after following ChickenMans guide and burning quite a few dvd’s successfully, there is one particular AVI file that i’m having problems with. after running it through DVD2SVCD and getting the file that i need (pulldown.mpv file and audio.mp2 file) i check the muxed .mpg file on windvd for audio syncronisation… and it is out by a constant (about 2 seconds) and approx 10 minutes before the end of the film, the audio stops completely. i searched about and found loads of suggestions on how to fix av sync on mpegs, and i have fixed av sync loads of times on vcd’s… but this is new to me and i can’t find anything about dvd’s so i would really appreciate any suggestions.

i ran the file through DivXRepair before encoding it, and it said there were no bad files.

again… thanks for any help or suggestions in advance :slight_smile:


after looking closer at the movie… the point where audio stops completely there does seem to be a few bad frames on the original file. after running it through DivXRepair again, it is still saying ‘all files appear ok’ when there is clearly a problem.

i tried cutting the movie in two, leaving out the few seconds that were causing me problems then joining them together (all with virtualdub) but that basically made things worse! each cut file’s audio started off ok, but by the end the audio was out by about 10 seconds. truthfully i am not at all familiar with virtualdub but i think i did it correct? (open video file (1st clip), append avi segment (2nd clip), direct stream copy on both audio and video, save avi).

can anyone help?



Your joining the avi correctly with VD, but unless ALL the problem frames are cut out (and that is sometimes difficult anyway) they simply dont join properly.

Best solution is the try VirtualDUB/NanDUB/VirtualDUBMod to extract the audio for you to get it complete, then its simple to fix the sync problem. Audio as Direct Stream Copy and then SAVE WAV, but reraname the file to *.mp3 as it will be an mp3 not a wav file. Then use BeSweet or AC3 Machine to convert it to AC3 and re-author with your encoded video stream. Check for Sync. If out use AC3 Corrector to apply an offset either + or - to get it back into sync. You may need a couple of goes at it to get it spot on.

thanks chickenman :bow:

just let me make sure i’ve got this right before i start it all again because i would hate to spend hours encoding it again to find out i’ve done it wrong!

  1. extraxt audio (nandub) from original DivX file as WAV, rename to MP3, then use AC3 machine to convert mp3 file to ac3.

  2. use DVD2SVCD to convert original DivX file (with problem audio).

  3. use ac3 corrector to fix sync problem with ac3 file which i made BEFORE conversion?

  4. author that file, and my pulldown.mpv file from DVD2SVCD with TMPGEnc dvd author.

  5. check for syncronisation, if not repeat steps 3 and 4?

is that right?

also, will the file i make (step 3) be around the same size as it would be if converted with DVD2SVCD (if that makes sense). in other words i just want to make sure the file won’t be too large to fit on the dvd.



No need to re-encode at all as that went fine. Just do as above with the audio and go to step 4 as you listed.

thanks ChickenMan (again!)

all done now!

i did need to re-encode after all because in my impatience and frustration i deleted all the previously encoded files :o … something i won’t be doing again any time soon! :wink:

thanks again :bow: