A/V out of sync part way through film



Has anybody encounter the problem where they write a VCD and all is going along fine until part way through there is a glitch in the video but the sound carries on?

I have tried the ‘fixing a/v’ tutorial but these sems to relate to progrsive or continously out of sync. In my case it is in sync at the start goes out at a certain point and stays out by the same amount the rest of the way throug.

Any ideas how to stop this or repair it?

I am using tmpgenc plus 2.58 to encode the films and cut them to two discs, nics codec pack, and nero to write the VCD.


You can use the “Fix a/v sync problem” Tute, you just have to cut the VCD into 2 pieces exactly at the problem. Then treat the 2nd part as per the Tute. Once fixed, either join the 2 piecs together again (with TMPGEnc or whatever) or just burn to VCD by dragging in both parts into Nero or VCDEasy.


Thanks a lot chicken man, you truely are the video editting god

Have you any idea what might becausing this as it has happened ona couple of movies. Is it just one of those things or is it an error in the codec/software I am using?


Not a problem with what your doing, just crappy AVI’s in the first place. Many can be fixed with DivFix or DivXRepair but not all.