A-V Connectivity

In recent years LG, LiteOn, and Samsung implemented a feature for slimline external drives which allow direct connection to media devices that do not ordinarily support optical drives. You could then plug the ODD directly into your TV, streamer, media player, Android OTG tablet, etc.

The feature implements on-the-fly conversion of various ODD file sytems into something which mimics a flash drive formatted as FAT32. Typically this is invoked by ejecting the disc tray and holding down the ejector button until the access LED is illuminated continuously. It remains in effect until this process is done again, or the drive is power cycled.

Considering the smallish amount of ROM space and processing power of such a drive, I’m surprised that this is even possible to do.

I’m particularly interested in whether there is some hub, dongle, or other inline USB device which could mimic this function for drives (e.g. Pioneer) that do not implement it directly.