A "TV Guide On-Screen" box?

I’ve gotten useful info from this site as a ‘troll’, so when I had a particular request that I couldn’t find, I thought I’d register and post it. Perhaps the moderator can help direct me.
I had a Philips DVR for a few months and fell in love with the “TV Guide On-Screen” feature (TVGF). The DVR died (as well as it’s replacement), but I REALLY want that TV Guide On-Screen back! I know this feature is built “INTO” products (TVs, DVRs, Combos, etc), but does anyone know if there is a “STAND-ALONE” TVGF box? Lacking that, can anyone direct me to a low-cost (Under $100) VCR-only product with this feature?
Apparently this feature is much more popular in Japan and Europe and Gemstar doesn’t expect much from it in North America. BTW, I’m in Washington State, so the unit has to work in the US.
Anyone with ANY info on this feature, please pipe up.