A Tricky Conversion Problem - H264

A have downloaded a movie and it has been encoded with H264 (on a Mac).

THe format of the file is xxxx.mp4.

I wish to transcode it to a more common codec ie DivX or xvid on a PC running

Any help appreciated.

Regards to all.

Open the file in Avicodec or Gspot (both free) and see what the actual info for the file is. Use Virtual dub mpeg2 (free and opens all mpeg/avi files) to re-encode to xvid/divx

Thanks for the help - but no joy

Gspot gives the following info:

File Type 3GPP Media (3GP / mp4 compat)
Mimetype: video/mp4

Vdub cannot detect the filetype

IMToo line of fine torching products should do it for you!


IMToo products dont work - just ‘fails’

what for? you can play avc .mp4 files on windows with mplayer, videolan or in any directshow player, when installing nero or haali’s mp4 parser + ffdshow and of course in the new qt7 for windows

i use a proggie called “MainConcept H.264 Encoder” for most of my re-encoding…it works with nearly all formats (i.e. DivX to DVD) with quality output similar to Canopus Procoder, but at much faster speeds, like VDub…it will have no problems reading your file… :slight_smile:

“MainConcept H.264 Encoder” doesnt understand avc-in-mp4

If you use avicodec it can take directly to the website to get an H264 codec, I believe. This might help. I’ve not had a similarly encoded file so I can’t be certain about this.

as he said
“I wish to transcode it to a more common codec

waltonjb, if that file plays on your machine, i would try the avisynth’s “directshowsource” to load it to vdub and encode as usual form there.

Can anyone help I have a movie in h264/x264 I can just aboutplay itin wmp but it is outof sync the sound is ok but the video lags, I am on win98se with 312MB ram, is there any program that can get the movie to play in sync?

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