A train 8 game dosent starts..?



After installing it shows an error on opening the exe file.
CAn’t understand the error its in diferrent language…!!
Plz Help


Where did you get it?


I downloaded it from rapidshare…


Could be an illegal and faulty download…
Assuming you have a legitimate download (you wouldn’t want to break our rules and/or the law), I would recommend providing more details about the error, your PC setup (including operating system) and the software you are trying to install.

The way you formulated your question is similar to “My car won’t wrong, please help me”…too little information to go by…


I looked this game up, I highly doubt it would be on rapidshare…


I cant understand the error its in different language…
its an dialog box with only ok button.
Microsoft Windows XP Professional version 2002 service pack 2
Celeron® CPU 1.72GHz
0.99GB of RAM


[QUOTE=RCM;2530225]I looked this game up, I highly doubt it would be on rapidshare…[/QUOTE]Full ack, game was released in 10/2009 and obviously isn’t freeware yet.

Please read our forum rules again so you don’t create topics like that in the future - closed.