A tool to check dvd images vs burned dvd's


There is a nice tool, CDmage, to check a CD image vs a freshly burnt CD to see if recording went OK.
But CDmage doesnt support DVD images.
Is there another tool for DVD’s to compare contents of a DVD and a DVD image?

Yes, most apps have it built in and it can be run directly after a burn.
The common term for it is “verify”.
It can be found in Nero, DVD Decrypter and others…

i am using nero and after burning an image it didnt offer me an option to verify it. and as much as i tried to find for some disc verification - i found none :frowning:
am i doind anything wrong?

select the nero express button when the “burn” window is opend, there you can select “verify data on disk after burning”

Thank you, H3rB3i, that is good to know.
But what if I already burned some images and would like to verify them now before deleting those images? Any way to do it now?