A tip to copy safe!



If want to copy a cd and u don,t sure if it will work, do this: copy the game or application first to a cd-rw. If the cd-rw works well then copy it to a cd-r. It’s the safest way to copy.

A tip van flip


that’s not a very good tip, seeing as anyone without their head up their ass could figure it out!

we aren’t your 12-year-old friends, here, we kinda already know what we’re doing.

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c’mon, anybody could figure this out!

you are dealing with “professional” burners here!

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R u a newbie or wut… or maybe you just got ur CDR lastnight and thinks you all smart…
F* my little bro knows that stupid tips…
who da F* will want to spend that much time copying to CDWR and then CDR… DUMB!!!

again… SHIT UP


Hey guys, take it easy Leonidas is only trying to help…not everyone is a GENIUS !!! And I’m sure there probably are a few people out there that haven’t figured that out yet.


I am 12 and live in the same town as Leonidas,
How do I turn my PC on!!!